Go to full Newsletter...Welcome to March; remember on the evening of the 7th set your clocks forward by one hour, it is daylight savings time. The first big step towards spring. I realize it is a bit early to think spring, but perhaps it will start warming up a bit from where it has been.

The new look in color is referred to Hand Painting, Finger Painting, Color Blending with a comb, these techniques are done free form with a color brush, and special combs. This is often done with out the use of foils, and or special color papers. The lighter or color are applied to different areas of the head and at different lengths of hair. Often it involves more than a single color or lighter. The end result is a rich natural blend of color, and it can be little or as much as you would like to have. We also do a single color comb in color for those individuals that want to remove some of their grey color, but not all, to keep a more natural look.

Hair cuts are softer, with more texture. This applies to both

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