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Thank you for choosing Trend Designers for your special day!

Here’s some friendly tips that will help you and your bridal party achieve the best experience with your hair and makeup on your big day!

Bridal Contract and pricing coming soon!

- The best hair for wedding styling is “clean dirty”. Please have hair washed and dried the night before, but no heat styling after, as this will affect hold/curl the following day.

- Any hair cutting or coloring should be done 1-2 weeks prior to wedding date.

- Freshly waxed eyebrows and upper lip will always make your makeup that much prettier. Waxing should be done 4-7 days prior, before then can result in makeup not adhering properly.

- A nice mild scrub 2-3 times a week will help smooth and soften the skin prior to makeup
application as well.

- Please have everyone exfoliate their lips, a toothbrush will do the trick, and moisturize the night
before and day of wedding.

- If you get a facial leading up to the wedding be sure to let them know of the date to prevent any
accidental reactions or harsh products being used.

- Wear lots of sunscreen if your going to be in the sun to prevent accidental peeling or dry skin.

- For maximum glow be sure to drink plenty of water the week of the wedding!

- Be sure all parties involved notify the stylist(s) of any allergies to makeup or hair products.

** If your wedding date is on a holiday (upon approval), all service prices are doubled including travel fee **
** Lashes and blow drying are not included unless you scheduled it on your bridal contract. We will charge accordingly day of wedding if it’s not previously scheduled. **
** Bring any hair accessories or inspiration photos to your trial appointment. **

Bridal Contract and pricing coming soon!

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